A substantial minority of middle-aged adults have liver fibrosis

a substantial minority of middle aged adults have liver fibrosis

Sumary of A substantial minority of middle-aged adults have liver fibrosis:

  • Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.Nov 9 2020 A substantial minority of participants from the Framingham Heart Study, (nearly nine percent), had potentially clinically significant liver fibrosis (scarring)..
  • Before this study, we did not know how common asymptomatic liver fibrosis (scarring) was among adults living in the community.”.
  • Long, MD, MSc, corresponding author, assistant professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) Related Stories More than 3,000 middle-aged Framingham Heart Study participants (over a three-year period) underwent a test called a Fibroscan© or vibration-controlled transient elastography that quantifies how much fat is in the liver and also measures the stiffness of the liver..
  • “We found that liver fibrosis was associated with more adverse cardiometabolic risk factors, even after accounting for liver fat which is a known risk factor for cardiometabolic disease..
  • In particular, we observed that approximately one-quarter of the participants with diabetes had evidence of possibly clinically significant liver fibrosis,”.
  • According to the researchers, these findings support the consideration of screening for liver fibrosis in high-risk groups, though additional studies are needed to determine the benefits/costs of screening…

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