AHA News: Physical Activity Could Reduce Heart Disease Deaths Among American Indians


Sumary of AHA News: Physical Activity Could Reduce Heart Disease Deaths Among American Indians:

  • 9, 2020 (American Heart Association News) — Physical activity may reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease among American Indians, according to new research that also studied inflammation’s role in exercise and heart health..
  • For the new study, researchers focused on American Indians, “a special population that, unfortunately, is not always included in studies that show the benefit of physical activity,”.
  • The study looked at self-reported physical activity levels from 3,135 adults in Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota and Oklahoma, who did not initially have cardiovascular disease and who took part in the Strong Heart Study of American Indians..
  • After adjusting for various factors, researchers found those who were the most physically active, in the top quartile, had a 44% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those in the bottom “minimal activity”.
  • “This study confirms that physical activity reduces cardiovascular mortality in this unique cohort of American Indians,”.
  • “This is a population that doesn’t always have the resources for exercise and physical activity that are available in urban settings.”.
  • The study’s senior researcher, Dr. Parmanand Singh, said many of the participants live on reservations in rural areas where the nearest gym or other activity-related facility could be many miles away..
  • The researchers looked at participants’ fibrinogen levels and found “physical activity was possibly reducing cardiovascular deaths by inflammatory pathways,”.
  • The findings need to be confirmed by future studies in which participants gradually get more physically active and researchers see if that impacts fibrinogen readings, he said…

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