High Ozone Levels Up Cardiac Arrest Risk: Study


Sumary of High Ozone Levels Up Cardiac Arrest Risk: Study:

  • It included 187,000 people, average age 63, in the United States who suffered out-of-hospital cardiac arrest between 2013 and 2016..
  • For every increase of 12 parts per billion (ppb) in the ozone level, the odds of cardiac arrest rose 1%, which is statistically significant, according to the researchers..
  • The study also found that age, sex and race made no difference in the risk of air pollution-related cardiac arrest..
  • However, “We found that a higher concentration of ozone on the day the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest occurred was significantly associated with a higher risk,”.
  • “Importantly, we found that the relationship between ozone and risk of [out-of-hospital cardiac arrest] was present even at concentrations below the EPA air quality standard….

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