New system to pinpoint suicide clusters

new system to pinpoint suicide clusters

Sumary of New system to pinpoint suicide clusters:

  • A new program will help track suicides in real time, allowing schools, health workers and departments to track any worrying trends..
  • The announcement comes months after a youth suicide cluster popped up on Sydney northern beaches, where several school students took their own lives this year..
  • “Every single death by suicide is a tragedy, not only to for the person but to their family to their loved ones, and to their entire community,”.
  • Sam Ruttyn Suicide rates have remained relatively steady in 2020 despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis which has up-ended families and businesses..
  • NCA NewsWire/Flavio Brancaleone When asked why it had taken so long for the government to implement this system, Ms Taylor said the process had required various services to come together to make an accurate and timely system..
  • “We’re hoping to make a more sophisticated data collection in the coming months and years so we can pinpoint where problems are and throw appropriate resources at those areas and target our responses so we can drive suicides down in NSW,”…

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