Perth is home to Australia’s first ‘holistic’ emergency hospital for native wildlife


Sumary of Perth is home to Australia’s first ‘holistic’ emergency hospital for native wildlife:

  • Perth is home to Australia first holistic wildlife trauma hospital It provides rescue, surgery and rehabilitation for native animals Vets are innovating surgical procedures for injured wildlife Dr Rodgers is not your average vet..
  • The hospital, in Perth’s southern suburbs, provides specialist emergency procedures for injured animals and rehabilitates them for release..
  • “There’s a lot of different animals that come in that need help … you just have to try and figure out a way to save them..
  • The pelican would almost certaintly have died if its injuries weren’t treated.( ) The WA Wildlife trauma hospital opened in April and has already saved dozens of critically injured animals that would have otherwise been euthanased..
  • The facility mirrors any modern hospital for humans — it has an intensive care unit, recovery wards, radiology equipment, even a decontamination chamber..
  • “Wildlife medicine in Australia is still in its infancy and we are essentially pioneering a lot of new techniques that haven’t been able to be done before,”.
  • “We’re now able to do all sorts of procedures like skin grafts, orthopaedic repairs on really tiny animals, microsurgery, electro surgery..
  • Admissions are coming through the door daily, whether from other less-resourced wildlife care groups or members of the public..
  • Dr Rodger’s collection of fishing lines and hooked pulled from injured animals over a period of 12 months.( ) “We’re seeing hundreds of animals each year with hooks, with fishing line, all sorts of necrotic limbs because of that chronic entanglement..
  • Big gaps in wildlife medicine The animals are treated by a small team of veterinarians like Dr Rodgers and cared for by volunteers..
  • Wildlife veterinarian Dr Meg Rodgers says no day is the same in her line of work.( ) Dr Rogers said while medical care for household pets was far advanced in Australia, there were gaps in wildlife medicine and rehab..
  • Resident rescue animals changing human behaviour For more than two decades, WA Wildlife worked out of a tiny old cottage on site which is now being renovated into an education facility…

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