Xeljanz extended induction effective in UC


Sumary of Xeljanz extended induction effective in UC:

  • A majority of patients with ulcerative colitis treated with Xeljanz achieved clinical response after 8 or 16 weeks induction, according to study results..
  • Bruce Sands, MD, from the Icahn School of Medicine, and colleagues wrote that the drug (tofacitinib, Pfizer) has been assessed in several randomized controlled trials, as well as an ongoing open-label extension study..
  • For the study, researchers evaluated the efficacy and safety of tofacitinib in delayed responders, defined as patients who achieved clinical response following extended induction (16 weeks)..
  • Sands and colleagues found that 52.2% of patients who did not initially achieved clinical response at week 8 went on to achieved clinical response after extended induction..
  • At month 12 of the OCTAVE open trial, 70.3% of delayed responders maintained clinical response, 56.8% maintained endoscopic improvement and 44.6% maintained remission….

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