‘Canary in the coal mine’: Alberta doctors sound alarm on rising COVID-19 cases

canary in the coal mine alberta doctors sound alarm on rising covid 19 cases

Sumary of ‘Canary in the coal mine’: Alberta doctors sound alarm on rising COVID-19 cases:

  • A number of Alberta physicians are sounding the alarm on the rising number of COVID-19 cases, with some calling on the province to put in place stricter measures to curb the spread of the virus..
  • Saturday marked the single highest daily increase of new cases the province has seen since pandemic began at 919 cases..
  • Alberta records 727 cases of COVID-19 Sunday, 6 deaths as officials push for reduced social circles On Friday, Premier Jason Kenney announced new restrictions in hopes of bending the curve, including mandatory 15-person social gathering limits for municipalities on the province “watch”.
  • Voluntary measures were also placed on Edmonton and Calgary, which strongly urge residents not to host parties or gatherings in their homes..
  • Kenney asks everyone in Calgary and Edmonton to stop hosting social gatherings at home “I do feel that stronger measures are needed in order to combat the COVID-19 case increase,”.
  • In the past two to three weeks, Mithani said the number of patients being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 has “increased dramatically.”.
  • With cases rising, she worries the hospitalizations will continue to increase in the weeks ahead, putting further pressure on the health-care system..
  • “We know there is about a two-week lag time between when we see the cases and when they present to hospital and start putting stress on the health-care system,”.
  • The most recent hospitalization data available from the province shows 171 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Thursday, 33 of whom were being treated in intensive care..
  • Hinshaw Dr. Stephanie Smith is the director of infection prevention and control at the University of Alberta Hospital..
  • “When we have so much community spread, there are obviously health-care workers that are impacted by that community spread and they have to be isolated at home because their kids have COVID or they’re been exposed in one way or another..
  • She worries the trajectory the province is currently on could lead to upwards of 2,000 cases per day by Christmastime..
  • “Second, I feel that a short, what we call a ‘circuit-breaker lockdown,’ would be very helpful in curbing the spread of COVID-19..
  • So it would be a two- to three-week lockdown of non-essential services and this would hopefully help decrease the cases and give the hospitals a chance to catch up, give the contact tracers a chance to catch up as well.”.
  • bans all social gatherings, indoor group physical activities in Lower Mainland amid surging COVID cases Smith isn’t sure a lockdown would be the most effective approach..
  • “If we could say to everyone, ‘You cannot have any social gathering for the next four weeks’ and people would really stick to that, you do wonder if that would make a bigger difference….

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