Trump plan may set clock ticking on many health rules — setting off alarms

trump plan may set clock ticking on many health rules setting off alarms

Sumary of Trump plan may set clock ticking on many health rules — setting off alarms:

  • The Trump administration wants to require the Department of Health and Human Services to review most of its regulations by 2023 — and automatically void those not assessed in time..
  • A proposed rule would require HHS to analyze within 24 months about 2,400 regulations — rules that affect tens of millions of Americans on everything from Medicare benefits to prescription drug approvals..
  • The move has met a fierce backlash from health providers and consumer advocates who fear it would hamstring federal health officials while they seek to control the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 250,000 Americans..
  • 4 — the day after Election Day, when it appeared President Donald Trump would likely lose his bid for a second term..
  • “The cynical part of me thinks this is a perfectly designed way to bring the department to a standstill in the next administration,”.
  • She said HHS does not have the bandwidth to review all these regulations during the next two years while running its many programs, including Medicaid and Medicare..
  • Democrats and Republicans for the past 40 years have failed to review existing regulations, leaving unnecessary and irrelevant rules on the books, Harrison said..
  • But Andy Schneider, a research professor at the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University who has written about the proposal, said he fears the sunset provision will be one of many actions the Trump team will take to distract the incoming administration..
  • The federal government has occasionally used sunset provisions in legislation, such as the tax cuts enacted during the George W..
  • Bush administration, but it is rare to make department regulations subject to these types of mandatory deadlines..
  • Those efforts run the gamut from requiring most initiatives to be reviewed to identifying specific agencies or legislation that must be reconsidered on a regular timetable..
  • “An artificial-intelligence-driven data analysis of HHS regulations found that 85 percent of department regulations created before 1990 have not been edited;.
  • the Department has nearly 300 broken citation references in the Code of Federal Regulations, meaning CFR sections that reference other CFR sections that no longer exist.”.
  • Related Stories “Many presidents have formally ordered their agencies to review existing regulations, and it has been existing law for 40 years, so simply asking the divisions to review these regulations has been tried for decades and proven to be ineffective,”.
  • With more than 80,000 employees, the department should be able to complete the review of 2,400 rules in 24 months, he added..
  • Harrison said the proposal is authorized by a law signed by President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s requiring federal agencies to review existing rules..
  • But that law has no provision that calls for cutting regulations that are not reviewed within a certain time frame, Schneider said..
  • The proposal says the HHS secretary would have flexibility to stop some regulations from being eliminated “on a case by case basis.”…

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