‘Unconscionable’: Biden criticises Trump while accepting electoral college victory – live updates


Sumary of ‘Unconscionable’: Biden criticises Trump while accepting electoral college victory – live updates:

  • Amber Phillips at the Washington Post writes that Joe Biden keeps giving Republicans who ignore his win the benefit of the doubt, but that he not necessarily getting the same in return:.
  • What Biden sees, according to a victory speech he delivered Monday after the electoral college voted him president, is not a democracy in distress, but one that successfully resisted all this pressure..
  • A glass-half-full look at what happened is at odds with good-government experts’ warnings that President Trump sliced a deep cut on American democracy by claiming fraud because he lost..
  • But Biden has seemed to go out of his way to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt that they’re just stuck in a bad political situation while Trump still in office..
  • he replied when reporters asked him shortly after the election how he could work with congressional Republicans who won’t even acknowledge he won..
  • “In almost any other year, both major parties would have fully and publicly accepted the will of the American people by now,”.
  • “Just how many times does President Trump have to lose before rank-and-file Republicans, before most senators, acknowledge that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States?”.
  • Washington Post – Biden keeps giving Republicans who ignore his win the benefit of the doubt I know we are all a little bit more sceptical of polling numbers than we were a few weeks ago, but Axios this morning are reporting some findings from their rolling weekly coronavirus survey that are encouraging for the roll-out of the vaccine in the US..
  • The survey also offers some early evidence that as President Trump voice recedes, Republicans may grow more willing to listen to institutions and science..
  • President-elect Joe Biden will be in Georgia today, to campaign for the two Democratic US Senate candidates whose 5 January runoff elections could make or break his domestic policy agenda..
  • Biden narrow win in the Southern state in November presidential election completed its transformation from Republican stronghold to one of the country most competitive political battlegrounds..
  • If the Republicans win either contest, they would maintain power in the Senate, allowing them to thwart many of Biden ambitious legislative goals on issues such as the coronavirus, the economy and climate change..
  • Biden trip to Atlanta comes nine days after President Donald Trump traveled to Georgia in support of Perdue and Loeffler..
  • The president-elect visit also coincides with early in-person voting, which began on Monday as hundreds of Georgians braved rainy weather to stand in line..
  • Nathan Posner/REX/Shutterstock As in November, many voters are expected to cast ballots by mail amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic..
  • Jospeh Ax for Reuters notes that Biden win has boosted Democratic hopes of capturing both seats, along with aggressive efforts to register voters and changing demographics that have pushed the electorate away from Republicans..
  • Perdue got a higher percentage of the vote than Trump in the 3 November election, finishing ahead of Ossoff but just shy of the 50% required to avoid a runoff under state law..
  • Both sides face turnout challenges in the midst of the pandemic and without the polarizing Trump at the top of the ballot to turn out votes from his deeply loyal supporters and also from detractors with deep animosity toward him..
  • Some Republicans in the state have expressed concern that Trump repeated insistence, without evidence, that the November results were fraudulent may drive down turnout among his most ardent supporters..
  • Evan McMullin is in the New York Times pondering if, in the wake of Trump electoral defeat and the way that senior Republican figures coddled up to his widespread voter fraud delusions, what he calls “principled NeverTrump Republicans”.
  • So what next for Republicans who reject their party attempts to incinerate the Constitution in the service of one man authoritarian power grabs?.
  • From there, we can continue working with other Americans to defeat Trump heirs, help offer unifying leadership to the country and, if the GOP continues on its current path, launch a party to challenge it directly..
  • Although we hoped that defeating Trump would start to right the Republican ship, our efforts over the last four years have not been in vain..
  • We defeated and removed immoral and dishonorable Republicans like Roy Moore, Dana Rohrabacher, Steve King and Martha McSally..
  • It emerged to defeat Mr. Trump and defend foundational principles such as self-government, liberty and justice, sovereignty, pluralistic society, the sanctity of all life, decency and objective truth..
  • But to turn back Trump dangerous ideology, which has survived his defeat, and move America forward, we must build on these ideals and look beyond ourselves..
  • Edward Eagerton/AP This year, report the Associated Press, volunteers packed toys, stocking stuffers, backpacks, knit hats, toothbrushes and toothpaste and books for 127 children..
  • Stevens Village First Chief David Kriska said having the National Guard call and see if they would be interested was reassuring..
  • Away from coronavirus for a moment, the Georgia Senate runoff races on 5 January will decide whether Joe Biden comes to power with a Senate that backs him, or in the teeth of a Republican-controlled Senate set to obstruct his every move..
  • Billionaire Republicans on Wall Street have been opening their wallets to try and protect David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler Senate seats..
  • Among donors are top finance CEOs Stephen Schwarzman, of Blackstone Group, and Kenneth Griffin, of Citadel LLC, who have donated millions to the Senate Leadership Fund super Pac which is supporting Perdue, according to campaign finance records..
  • Last month, Schwarzman, who briefly was the chair of Donald Trump strategic and policy forum, contributed $15m and Griffin donated $10m to the Pac;.
  • Separately, a fundraising committee backing both Republican senators that launched last month has surpassed its goal of raising $35m to oppose Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock..
  • This committee is also being helped by fundraising on Wall Street including Schwarzman, Griffin and others, say two GOP sources..
  • Wall Street donates millions to back Republicans in Georgia Senate race Associated Press have been doing an investigation into the toll that the coronavirus pandemic has taken on healthcare officials..
  • Amid a fractured federal response, the usually invisible army of workers charged with preventing the spread of infectious diseases has become a public punching bag..
  • Lawmakers in at least 24 states have crafted legislation to weaken public health powers, which could make it more difficult for communities to respond to other health emergencies in the future..
  • At least 181 state and local public health leaders in 38 states have resigned, retired or been fired since 1 April, according to an ongoing investigation by the Associated Press and KHN..
  • As the public health administrator, she struggled every day of the coronavirus pandemic to keep her rural county along the Missouri border safe..
  • The day after her mother was put on a ventilator, Coleman fought to hold back tears as she described the 71-year-old former health care worker with a strong work ethic..
  • Perna, who is the chief operating officer of the federal effort to get a vaccine out, 145 sites were to receive the vaccine on Monday, with 425 getting it today and a further 66 sites getting deliveries on Wednesday..
  • Meanwhile, according to the Johns Hopkins University figures, not a single US state is seeing an increase rate in cases that is lower than 3%, and over twenty states have an increase rate higher than 10%..
  • The delivery of a vaccine to healthcare workers makes a huge step-change in the American battle against coronavirus..
  • Schmidt, who is also the associate chief medical officer of critical care in the hospital system, said about 75 percent of the patients he has treated in the intensive care unit for months have been coronavirus patients..
  • Biden statement was a clear effort not just to move the country forward after its most acrimonious modern post-election period..
  • It was also a firm attempt to assert his authority as the incoming president, to create the symbolism of a transfer of power that is being denied by Trump and to begin to establish legitimacy even among Trump supporters..
  • There is no sign that a president who has constantly ignored constitutional norms is moving any closer to accepting the reality of his defeat..
  • But there were signs of a crumbling of the ancient regime, as a few of Trump Republican allies in the Senate began to grudgingly accept, six weeks after the election, that Biden is indeed president-elect..
  • One source close to Trump told CNN Jim Acosta that while the President has privately conceded he won’t be staying in the White House for a second term, he won’t stop trying to discredit the election..
  • Another adviser said it was highly unlikely that the President would show up at Biden inauguration for a ceremonial tableau that is an emblem of America mostly unbroken chain of peaceful transfers of executive authority..
  • There is also likely to be no cathartic national moment analogous to then-vice president Al Gore graceful December concession speech after a bitter legal battle handed the presidency to George W..
  • There is still a chance that Republicans in the House – who remain in Trump thrall – will try to mount a futile rear guard to challenge the election result when Congress holds a joint session on January 6 to tally the results of the Electoral College..
  • The President malfeasance has convinced many of the more than 70 million people who voted for him that the election was stolen, a dynamic that is likely to continue to be corrosive in the run-up to the midterm elections in 2022..
  • Vaccinating a whole country – especially one as large as the US – was always going While the vaccine will only be available to the majority of Americans by summer 2021 at the earliest, the coming months may see serious debate over whether businesses, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, should mandate the vaccine for their employees to ensure things can go back to normal as quickly as possible…

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