Valencia in English – weekly round-up (8 Nov)

valencia in english weekly round up 8 nov

Sumary of Valencia in English – weekly round-up (8 Nov):

  • Pedro Sánchez in Valencia This week Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez chose Valencia to launch his ‘Recovery, Transition and Resilience Plan’ and kick off his tour of the autonomous regions..
  • But if Sánchez was hoping for a bit of Valencian sunshine, he was out of luck as he chose one of the wettest days for months..
  • The choice was quite appropriate given that the 21,000 million euros which Valencia is hoping to obtain, will come from European funding..
  • Pedro Sánchez being greeted by Ximo Puig on his arrival at City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia on 5 November 2020..
  • (Pool Moncloa / Fernando Calvo) Despite both being from the PSOE socialist party, Valencian president Ximo Puig and Sánchez have had their differences in the past..
  • Puig thanked Sánchez for choosing Valencia to launch his plan and talked of the possible 190,000 jobs which could be created in the region with the funding over the next six years..
  • Sánchez began his presentation with a nod to the Valencian cinematographer, Luís García Berlanga, whose satirical 1953 film, Bienvenido Mister Marshall, told the story of how a village prepared to welcome some visiting American diplomats, hoping for some American financing..
  • Sánchez continued with the metaphor, saying that this time the train is stopping and Spain is getting on board..
  • Torrevieja resident, Sacri Delgado, told Valencia in English that she had been woken by the second tremor, but she was pragmatic, having lived in the earthquake area all her life..
  • This week on average there have been more than 1,000 new cases each day and Saturday saw a new record for the Valencia region, with 2,327 new cases registered in the previous 24 hours..
  • As of Friday there were 1,352 people in the region hospitals (up on last week 1,149), with 227 patients in intensive care wards, compared to 172 last week..
  • Hospital La Fe To cope with the increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients, the regional health department announced on Monday that the former Escuela de Enfermería (School of Nursing) at Valencia La Fe hospital would be transformed into a ‘field hospital’ to treat patients with mild symptoms..
  • Meanwhile in the Castellón province, work has begun on expanding the current 10-bed intensive care unit at the Hospital de la Plana in Vila-Real….

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