Food Science Research: October/November 2021

food science research october november 2021

Sumary of Food Science Research: October/November 2021:

  • Creating Nonallergenic Wheat Products Using Processing Methods: Fact or Fiction?
  • A wheat allergy is a potentially life-threatening disease that affects millions of people around the world.
  • Food processing has been shown to influence the allergenicity of wheat and other major foods.
  • However, a comprehensive review evaluating whether food processing can be used to develop hypo-/nonallergenic wheat products is unavailable.
  • There were three objectives for this study: to critically evaluate the evidence on the effect of fermentation, thermal processing, and enzyme or acid hydrolysis on wheat allergenicity to identify the potential for and challenges of using these methods to produce hypo-/nonallergenic wheat products;
  • to identify the molecular effects of food processing needed to create such products;
  • and to map the concept questions for future research and development to produce hypo-/nonallergenic wheat products.
  • They concluded that food processing significantly modulates wheat allergenicity and that, while some methods can reduce or even abolish the allergenicity, others can create mega allergens.

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