Are Frozen Foods A Risk For Covid-19 Infection? Possibly.

are frozen foods a risk for covid 19 infection possibly

Sumary of Are Frozen Foods A Risk For Covid-19 Infection? Possibly.:

  • Even the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control reported that the risk of infection from handling packages of food was low..
  • In October, Chinese health authorities discovered live coronavirus on a package of frozen food in Qingdao—the first time active virus was detected on the outside of refrigerated goods..
  • Since the inspections started, Chinese authorities have identified the virus on packages of frozen shrimp from Ecuador, squid from Russia, chicken wings from Brazil, and frozen seafood from Norway..
  • As each new case was discovered, China doubled down on containment efforts, halting some imports, imposing new customs restrictions, and tightening inspections on all food entering the country, where new cases of Covid have been held to under 50 per day for months..
  • In August, after more than one hundred days without any new cases, authorities suspected that a new cluster of infections may have started at a food transport facility with an employee handling frozen foods A study out of the National University of Singapore confirms contaminated food and food packaging as a potential source of new Covid-19 outbreaks and clusters of infection..
  • The study notes the number of clusters in meat and seafood processing facilities across the world throughout the pandemic, with operations suspending poultry processing plants, tuna canneries, abattoirs, and slaughterhouses around the world….

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