Commentary: Understand the evolution of IBD


Sumary of Commentary: Understand the evolution of IBD:

  • Kaplan, MD, of the department of medicine, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, discusses the four epidemiological stages of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and reviews the forecast of disease prevalence and how disease penetration through a population evolves over time..
  • Although the first documented case of IBD — as we now know it — is arguably Matthew Baillie 1793 Morbid Anatomy publication, it is during this period that IBD makes its emergence in the Western world..
  • Stabilization of prevalence is the result of an aging population with increased mortality from age-related comorbidities — along with age-targeting diseases like COVID-19..
  • Due to age-related complications from long-term disease and the increased likelihood of comorbid conditions, we’re going to have to adapt clinics to be able to handle that population..
  • One is available management in the moment in time that you’re looking at, the other is management in 2020 and beyond, which is what we’re more interested in so that we can start to prepare health systems for increased demand..
  • These changes include advances in surveillance and treatment, telemedicine interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and expanded health care teams to manage complicated disease due to comorbid conditions..
  • as they become economically more advanced in their health care infrastructure, they become better able to accurately diagnose the diseases…

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