Eritrea: A World Without Public Health?


Sumary of Eritrea: A World Without Public Health?:

  • History proves that impending emergent infectious diseases have always been a threat to the public’s health since time immemorial..
  • The blind focus of governments and international entities on economic gain and political power played a big part in leading the world to neglect Public Health and act as if such science is not important..
  • People would applaud a politician announcing the opening of hospital buildings at considerable cost but wouldn’t understand the purpose of awareness building meetings with communities..
  • It protects populations from risks and dangers to health by addressing modifiable determinants of health such as safety of food, water as well as the physical and social environment of people..
  • It also addresses equity ensuring that no one is denied access to life-saving health interventions or quality health services on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, geographic locations or social and economic status..
  • Thus, Public Health is the invisible science that works behind the curtains to provide cost-effective Universal Health Coverage creating healthy communities capable of growing the economy and saving costs for governments and families..
  • A unique feature of Public Health is its broad multi-sectoral engagement given that ill health is driven by social, economic, behavioural and environmental factors..
  • The science of Public Health can be described as a leverage point which, if invested, will give very high returns..
  • In fact, if the world cared so much as to change the reality of underfunded Public Health systems sooner, today we would have had robust surveillance and response systems and the current pandemic would have been avoided or would have passed with significantly less repercussions….

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