Evidence Shows that COVID-19 Attacks Blood Vessels

evidence shows that covid 19 attacks blood vessels

Sumary of Evidence Shows that COVID-19 Attacks Blood Vessels:

  • November 9, 2020 — As researchers learn more about COVID-19, they’ve seen reports from patients about unusual rashes, blood clots, and strokes, which could all be linked to damaged blood vessels..
  • In particular, they’ve found that the virus seems to attack the endothelium, or the single layer of cells that line the inside of blood vessels..
  • “When the virus damages the inside of the blood vessel and shreds the lining, that like the ice after a hockey game,”.
  • Li and a group of international researchers published a study this July that found lung tissue damage in COVID-19 patients..
  • As compared with patients who died from the flu, the lung tissue of coronavirus patients had nine times as many small blood clots..
  • “The surprise was that this respiratory virus makes a beeline for the cells lining blood vessels, filling them up like a gumball machine and shredding the cell from the inside out,”…

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