Expert voices ‘cautious optimism’ coronavirus vaccine is within reach

expert voices cautious optimism coronavirus vaccine is within reach

Sumary of Expert voices ‘cautious optimism’ coronavirus vaccine is within reach:

  • After news broke on Monday of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine candidate reaching over 90% efficacy in a clinical trial, an expert from a large hospital network in New York voiced cautious optimism over an approaching vaccine..
  • “Before any decisions are made, researchers and doctors need to validate the efficacy, safety and ability to mass-produce a vaccine at such high quantities while maintaining effectiveness,”.
  • In the meantime, he said the health system is prepping for distribution, which involves freezer allocation and physician education “so when a vaccine is ready and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, we will be ready to distribute.”.
  • Pfizer is still awaiting data on safety, which it expects to be made available by the third week of November, according to a press release..
  • Meanwhile, Jarrett voiced an uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations across the health system, which was expected given the rising number of new COVID-19 patients across the New York metro area, he said…