How many ‘doughnut days’ does Victoria need to be declared COVID-free?

how many doughnut days does victoria need to be declared covid free

Sumary of How many ‘doughnut days’ does Victoria need to be declared COVID-free?:

  • Victoria could be on track for elimination Victorian health authorities say testing is still an important part of the state’s strategy to contain COVID-19.(Reuters:.
  • Lindsey Wasson) Latrobe University epidemiologist Hassan Vally said it was possible the virus had essentially been eliminated in Victorian communities..
  • LaTrobe University) Dr Vally said because the virus was still quite new there wasn’t an agreed time that a community had to go without new cases in order for the virus to be considered eliminated..
  • Dr Vally said Victoria was already in a position where authorities could be confident there was little community transmission..
  • However Victoria still faces COVID-19 risks Professor Mary-Louise McLaws says Australia now needs to develop a national COVID-19 approach.(News Video) University of New South Wales Professor of epidemiology, Mary-Louise McLaws said it would be difficult to eliminate the virus entirely while cases were still climbing in other parts of the world..
  • She said the fact many people don’t experience any symptoms while they have COVID-19 also made it a more difficult virus to eliminate, but that a 28-day timeline to assess whether there were still cases in the community was fair…

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