India should build COVID-19 vaccine confidence, identify ‘hesitancy hotspots’, says int’l immunisation expert

india should build covid 19 vaccine confidence identify hesitancy hotspots says intl immunisation expert

Sumary of India should build COVID-19 vaccine confidence, identify ‘hesitancy hotspots’, says int’l immunisation expert:

  • Pockets, where people may be unwilling to receive immunisation for varied reasons, and then build vaccine confidence, says anthropologist and international immunisation expert Heidi J Larson..
  • Several global surveys were being conducted about public willingness to take a vaccine, said the professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision Science at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine..
  • Larson, who is also founder-director of the Vaccine Confidence Project research group in London, told PTI in an email interview..
  • With many vaccine candidates globally in the final phase of human trials, a safe and effective COVID-19 preventive is expected to be approved for production, distribution and acceptance sometime next year..
  • According to a recent global survey, people in 10 out of 15 countries showed growing reluctance about getting vaccinated..
  • In the World Economic Forum/Ipsos survey of 18,526 adults from 15 countries, 73 per cent said they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if available, down from 77 per cent in August..
  • In India, the survey found that vaccination intent has remained unchanged at 87 per cent since August, although 34 per cent respondents were worried about side effects while 16 per cent were concerned about fast-moving trials..
  • According to Larson, there is generalised vaccine hesitancy primarily because of the lack of proper information on the safety and efficacy of any of the possible COVID-19 vaccines..
  • This is due to distrust of governments as well as motives of pharmaceutical companies as they are trying to come out with a vaccine faster than normally done so, she reasoned..
  • “Some of these concerns are understandable as we currently do not have any final information on the safety and efficacy profiles of whichever vaccine may be approved..
  • Other fears are due to distrust of government more broadly or the motives of vaccine companies to produce vaccines more quickly than normal,”.
  • Such as some Muslims concerned that some vaccines are not halal because they have gelatine which is derived from pork… Although most Muslims agree that vaccines are important to save lives and if there is no alternative, they will accept the very a small amount of gelatine in some vaccines,”.
  • “The most important thing is to understand why people refuse vaccines, only then can you know what the issue is and how to address it.”…

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