Infection mitigation in aerosol generating dental procedures


Sumary of Infection mitigation in aerosol generating dental procedures:

  • IStock-yoh4nn A new feasibility study has demonstrated the effectiveness of measures that mitigate the spread of infection during aerosol generating dental procedures..
  • In particular, aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) in dentists have been difficult to carry out due to the risk of infection spread in the aerosol particles..
  • {my}dentist approached NPL scientists, the National Metrology Institute for the UK, with expertise in Air Quality measurements, to study Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) and the associated monitoring and measurement (in real time) of aerosol particle concentration in a clinical space during patient treatments..
  • This initial feasibility study provides insight for the dentistry industry, which employs more than 40,000 practitioners in the UK, and to the general public who rely on this health service..
  • Effectiveness of mitigation methods Scientists at NPL conducted a preliminary investigation at a {my}dentist surgery using an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) to assess the airborne particle number concentrations present and how they are affected by different AGPs..
  • Current Dental procedures and associated guidance is based on a number of assumptions linked to air quality in each clinical setting..
  • The study presented promising conclusions that the aerosol mitigation methods used in dentists are effective, and that there is limited correlation between the aerosol peaks detected and the clinical treatments being conducted..
  • The study identified several background aerosol peaks from other sources inside or outside of the dental surgery….

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