Ivanka Trump Falsely Gives Credit To Government For Pfizer Vaccine Success

ivanka trump falsely gives credit to government for pfizer vaccine success

Sumary of Ivanka Trump Falsely Gives Credit To Government For Pfizer Vaccine Success:

  • Topline Ivanka Trump has misleadingly praised Operation Warp Speed—the Trump administration attempt to deliver a vaccine as fast as possible—for its “partnership”.
  • in supporting the development and distribution of the company Covid-19 vaccine, despite Pfizer having received no support whatsoever from the government beyond an agreement to buy an initial 100 million doses..
  • Getty Images Key Facts After Pfizer and BioNTech announced early data that showed their Covid-19 vaccine to be 90% effective, Ivanka Trump praised the news and tweeted an acknowledgement of Operation Warp Speed and the role it played..
  • the Military in July to support distribution + logistics, Pfizer can massively scale production and nationwide delivery of +100 M doses of the vaccine!”.
  • While Pfizer does have a deal with Operation Warp Speed — $1.95 billion to secure an initial 100 million doses, enough to vaccinate 50 million people — this was to ensure that there would be a market for the vaccine and to incentivize the company research, while no money is paid out until the vaccine is approved..
  • The deal did not, unlike other vaccine manufacturers receiving Warp Speed investment, fund any of the vaccine research and development..
  • Dr. Kathrin Jansen, Pfizer head of vaccine research and development, told the New York Times that their team “were never part of the Warp Speed”.
  • Key Background Pfizer and BioNTech released early results for their Covid-19 vaccine Monday, showing it to be 90% effective at preventing the disease..
  • The figure is high, much higher than the 50% the Food and Drug Administration had said it was willing to accept, and cemented the vaccine frontrunner status in the global race to develop a safe and effective vaccine..
  • The company hopes, and is still on track, to file for emergency FDA approval in mid-November, which could make this the first Covid-19 vaccine approved outside of Russia and China…

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