Kenya: Thousands Arrested for Flouting Covid-19 Rules

Kenya: Thousands Arrested for Flouting Covid-19 Rules

Sumary of Kenya: Thousands Arrested for Flouting Covid-19 Rules:

  • Additionally, 130 bars have been closed countrywide after they were found operating past 9pm, while more than 103 public service vehicles were detained at various police stations..
  • In Nairobi County alone, 373 people were arrested for general contravention, 149 for not wearing face masks while 33 bars were closed on Friday night..
  • The number increased on Saturday night, with195 people getting arrested, 21 bars closed and 10 public service vehicles detained across the county..
  • In Mombasa County, Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata said at least 10 bars have been closed and 300 people arrested since Friday for contravening curfew orders..
  • In Nakuru town, more than 300 people were arrested for flouting the rules, according to Nakuru Town East Sub-county police commander Elena Kabukuru..
  • In Kakamega town, Central Police Commander David Kabena said police and county enforcement officials arrested 100 people..
  • Meru County Police Commander John Mwinzi admitted that despite the arrest of 100 in the county, there is still a high number of people flouting the rules..
  • Mr Mwinzi said many bars in the region are operating way after 9pm, noting that security stakeholders will meet today to plan how to effectively deal with the offenders…

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