Medical tourism craters during coronavirus pandemic, hospitals lose billions

medical tourism craters during coronavirus pandemic hospitals lose billions scaled

Sumary of Medical tourism craters during coronavirus pandemic, hospitals lose billions:

  • Medical tourism has been on the rise domestically, too, with employers in areas lacking access to top health-care professionals paying for their workers to seek help farther away from home..
  • David Vequist, who heads the Center for Medical Tourism Research at the University of the Incarnate World, the largest Catholic university in Texas, says that Covid-19 has crippled many hospitals’ finances by taking away domestic medical tourism, which is one of their largest sources of income..
  • Vequist said America’s flawed health-care system has forced hospitals to provide lucrative elective services to the privately insured in order to generate revenue, “Hospitals need to provide these elective surgeries because that’s the best way for them to turn a profit.”.
  • Walmart among employers sponsoring medical tourism Prior to the pandemic, medial travel to centers of excellence covered by employers was on the rise..
  • Centers of excellence are hospital systems like the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota, or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, where patients can receive specialized care or pursue elective surgeries..
  • Walmart has encouraged employees travel for certain high risk or high cost procedures at centers of excellence….

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