Nearly 74 Million Essential Workers at High Risk for COVID in U.S.


Sumary of Nearly 74 Million Essential Workers at High Risk for COVID in U.S.:

  • “Public policymakers face important decisions about how to balance the economic benefits of keeping workers employed and the public health benefits of protecting those with increased risk of severe COVID-19,”.
  • These issues are important when deciding to close segments of the economy and how to distribute vaccines, which will initially be available only in limited supply, he said..
  • “These decisions become all the more difficult when the prevalence of infection rises in parts of the country,”.
  • “We used data collected before the pandemic to examine how many workers were in essential jobs, how often they were able to work at home, their risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes in the event they are infected, and the health risks of their household members,”.
  • Not only that, but as many as 61% of these workers had underlying health issues that put them at increased risk of severe COVID-19 should they become infected, he added..
  • “But the risk of transmission to household members living with essential workers became equally important when considering potential for disease progression along with community transmission,”…

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