Pandemic has surprising impacts on public transit demand

pandemic has surprising impacts on public transit demand

Sumary of Pandemic has surprising impacts on public transit demand:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic had surprising effects on demand for public transit in American cities, new research suggests..
  • While demand for public transit dropped about 73% across the country after the pandemic hit, the reduction didn’t impact all cities equally, according to the study, which analyzed activity data from a widely used public transit navigation app..
  • The reason had to do with the nature of jobs in different cities and who was actually using public transportation before the pandemic, said Luyu Liu, lead author of the study and doctoral student in geography at The Ohio State University..
  • “Many of the people who used public transit in large, coastal cities could work remotely from home after the pandemic,”.
  • “But in cities in the Midwest and the deep South, most public transit users have jobs where they still had to come in to work during the pandemic and didn’t have any other choice.”.
  • during the pandemic are the core users of public transit in these cities often labeled as non-transit dependent..
  • Because of the difficulty of obtaining public transit ridership data on a national scale, the researchers took a different approach..
  • They collected data on activity by users of the popular Transit mobile phone app, which provides real-time public transit data and trip planning..
  • The researchers used data on 113 county-level transit systems in 63 metro areas and 28 states across the United States..
  • According to a report from the Transit app, more than 70% of African-American riders during the early pandemic were women..
  • Communities with larger populations of people over the age of 45 continued to have higher demand for public transit…

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