Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine 90% Effective

pfizer says covid vaccine 90 effective

Sumary of Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine 90% Effective:

  • 9, 2020 — Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says data from clinical trials shows its experimental coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective, and company leaders say they hope to seek emergency use authorization from the FDA this month..
  • Pfizer is one of several companies racing to develop a vaccine for the virus, which has killed more than 1.2 million people worldwide and upended life around the globe..
  • In a news release, the company said more than 43,000 people are enrolled in phase III of the clinical trials, with half of the people receiving the vaccine and half receiving a placebo..
  • The company didn’t specify how many people who received the vaccine became infected, but said “the case split between vaccinated individuals and those who received the placebo indicates a vaccine efficacy rate above 90%, at 7 days after the second dose..
  • “We are reaching this critical milestone in our vaccine development program at a time when the world needs it most with infection rates setting new records, hospitals nearing over-capacity and economies struggling to reopen.”.
  • In its Monday news release, Pfizer said it expected to produce up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021…

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