Pinatubo Lake and Occam’s Razor

Sumary of Pinatubo Lake and Occam’s Razor:

  • Addressing the Zambales government officials at the provincial capitol construction, President Arroyo thanked me for the proposal to dig an outflow channel of the waters of the lake.
  • The government dug a 5-meter wide channel from the edge of the volcanos crater, which drained a quarter of the lakes water and directed the water flow to the Bucao River.
  • Mount Pinatubo emitted 10 billion tons of lahar and 20 million tons of sulfuric acid (CO2) depositing minerals and toxic metals into the environment.
  • Pinatubo, during its week-long eruption, deposited a huge amount of lahar, which phenomenon President Corazon Aquino considered then as a bane.
  • Moreover, digging the 5-meter water channel provided employment, albeit on a short-term basis, to Indigenous people who have returned to resettleat the foot of the volcano.

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