Protecting people, improving indoor air quality in everyday workspaces


Sumary of Protecting people, improving indoor air quality in everyday workspaces:

  • One key benefit of our installation protocols is that machines don’t get sloppy or distracted, which provides an added stage of protection: because of their heritage, our machines are designed to be plugged in the wall, switched on and then run 247, without interruption, sometimes for years.
  • Omni CleanAir combines three precise technologies in an individual package.
  • More than three decades later, the company launched a new family of air purification systems, Omni CleanAir, designed to remove harmful particles and pathogens – including COVID-19 – from high-use and high-traffic indoor areas such as offices, schools and hospitality spaces.
  • The first of them is high-capacity airflow: as is the case with many pandemics, COVID-19 is transmitted by airborne particles, and high-capacity airflow prevents the spread of those particles by changing and filtering the air in any given space at very high rates.

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