South Africa: Premier Alan Winde Chairs Meeting of Provincial Council On Aids


Sumary of South Africa: Premier Alan Winde Chairs Meeting of Provincial Council On Aids:

  • Premier Alan Winde calls for concerted effort to beat TB epidemic at meeting of Provincial Council on AIDS Premier Alan Winde chaired a meeting of the Provincial Council on AIDS this morning, where he emphasized the Western Cape Government’s determination to beat the Tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in the province..
  • The Premier also called for the name of the body to change to the Provincial Council on AIDS and TB, to reflect this important priority..
  • Each province has its own Provincial Council on AIDS which aims to coordinate its response, and it is chaired by the Premier..
  • In his remarks, the Premier reflected on the lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the government moved with agility and innovation to save lives..
  • From delivering medicines to people’s homes, to launching an 800-bed modern field hospital in just 6 weeks, we governed with courage..
  • During the Premier’s Special Address to the Provincial Parliament last month, he set out his government’s recovery plan with a clear moon-shot to make serious inroads in the battle against TB, and to ultimately beat it..
  • “TB kills more people in the Western Cape than Covid-19, and it deserves the same level of focus and determination..
  • This follows data from the health department that in June the Western Cape Government registered a 48% decline in the number of people accessing TB testing services because of the lockdown and other restrictions..
  • While this has improved since a ramp up of healthcare services following the Covid-19 peak, the Western Cape is still registering a 36% decline in the uptake of testing compared with pre-Covid-19 data..
  • The Premier also indicated that he is particularly excited about lessons from medicine deliveries, which he saw for himself during the pandemic…

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