Uganda: Bobi Wine On the Spot for Removing Officer’s Mask

Uganda: Bobi Wine On the Spot for Removing Officer’s Mask

Sumary of Uganda: Bobi Wine On the Spot for Removing Officer’s Mask:

  • Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, is seen in video clip that went viral on social media harassing a police officer on duty in Jinja District..
  • The National Unity Platform candidate who was campaigning in Jinja recently had not put on a facemask when he lost his cool and forcefully removed a facemask from a police officer, whom he wanted the public to identify as one of his tormentors..
  • However, social media has attacked Mr Kyagulanyi for not putting on facemask at a time when Covid-19 cases are soaring and pulling down the officers’ face mask..
  • He yesterday told Daily Monitor that he removed the police officer’s facemask because he wanted to know who was arresting his people..
  • After his campaigns in Luuka and Kamuli District, he went to Jinja District for his second campaign rally but when he reached Buwenge Trading Centre, police mounted a barricade and diverted his motorcade to the bushy path towards Budondo village..
  • A few metres on the path, two police vans carrying hooded counter terrorism officers arrived and fired teargas for about 30 minutes before ordering Mr Kyagulanyi to go back where he was coming from..
  • During the fracas, seven of his personal bodyguard were arrested and bundled onto the waiting police patrol vans….

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