Uganda: Panic As Covid-19 Cases Rise Again in Masaka


Sumary of Uganda: Panic As Covid-19 Cases Rise Again in Masaka:

  • Panic has again gripped authorities and residents of Masaka District following a reported spike in Covid-19 cases..
  • According to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital Director, Dr Nathan Onyachi, the regional Covid-19 treatment centre has registered 20 new cases in just a space of two days, the highest number reported in the past three months..
  • “The number of Covid-19 patients registered in the sub-region had greatly reduced, but there is now a rise in cases which is an indication that people have abandoned the preventive measures put in place to control the spread of the virus,”.
  • Dr Onyachi said by the end of October, the hospital had only two patients, but the number has increased in just two days, bringing the total number of patients to 22..
  • Dr Onyachi, however, said that it’s high time the country embraced community treatment where people are taught what they can do while at home to reduce the burden of health workers..
  • Otherwise, we shall have all treatment centres filled up because the community cases seem to be more than reported,”.
  • Dr Mark Jjuko, the officer in charge of Masaka Covid-19 regional treatment centre, said some of the patients they have are students from one of the medical training schools in the area, health workers, and residents…

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