UK Health Experts to Study Aspirin’s Effect as Potential COVID-19 Treatment

uk health experts to study aspirins effect as potential covid 19 treatment

Sumary of UK Health Experts to Study Aspirin’s Effect as Potential COVID-19 Treatment:

  • A UK national clinical trial, RECOVERY, has unveiled that it will examine aspirin as a potential COVID-19 treatment, with over 16,000 patients recruited..
  • “We felt it was particularly important to add aspirin to the trial since there is a clear rationale for believing that it might be beneficial and it is safe, inexpensive and widely available..
  • We do not know if aspirin is such a medicine but we will find out”, said Peter Horby, a professor and co-chief investigator of the RECOVERY trial..
  • But enrolling patients in a randomised trial such as RECOVERY is the only way to assess whether there are clear benefits for patients with COVID-19 and whether those benefits outweigh any potential side effects such as the risk of bleeding”, said Martin Landray a professor with the Nuffield Department of Population Health, a co-leader of the RECOVERY trial..
  • Among other medications that are being considered by the trial group are Azithromycin, a commonly used antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory treatment, convalescent plasma collected from those recovered from COVID-19 and gained antibodies, and Regeneron’s antibody cocktail REGN-COV2…

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