What’s My Risk of COVID?

whats my risk of covid

Sumary of What’s My Risk of COVID?:

  • “An individual’s chance depends heavily upon their location and their risk factors, such as age and occupation, and upon the unpredictable future course of the pandemic,”.
  • And the future course, she says, depends on whether new restrictions will be added or relaxed and other factors..
  • It’s a bit easier to answer the question when it is more specific, says Susan Holmes, PhD, a professor of statistics at Stanford University..
  • Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford University worked together to develop a tool that estimates how likely it is that at least one person at any event of a given size in a specific location is infectious..
  • Taking the size of the event into account, the risk level is the estimated chance, from zero to 100%, that at least one person present will be COVID-19-positive….

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