Testing positive doesn’t mean you are a drug cheat

testing positive doesnt mean you are a drug cheat

Sumary of Testing positive doesn’t mean you are a drug cheat:

  • Breaststroker Rickard did not swim in the final, but did so in the heat and the rules state if one team member tests positive, the team is disqualified..
  • If the court considered character witnesses, Rickard could emerge as an athlete with his reputation intact and a finding that, like a growing number of athletes around the world, he has fallen victim to the ever increasing sensitivity of tests that find ever smaller amounts of banned substances ingested through a contaminated product..
  • (L-R) Australia’s Matt Targett, Christian Sprenger, Hayden Stoeckel and James Magnussen pose with their bronze medals after the men’s 4x100m medley relay at the London 2012 Olympic Games.(Reuters:.
  • Michael Dalder) Shayna Jack flew home from a training camp ahead of last year’s World Swimming Championships in South Korea for personal reasons..
  • When it emerged later it was because she’d tested positive it caused a sensation around the world because of Australia’s perceived holier than thou attitude to doping..
  • Either Australia has a doping problem in the same way we accuse other countries of having, or we are seeing evidence of possibly innocent athletes caught in a system that threatens to destroy their reputations..
  • Once tarred with the ‘drug cheat’ brush, there is little recovery, but there is a growing body of evidence that suggests testing positive does not mean you are an intentional doping cheat..
  • In the most recent WADA Anti-Doping Testing Figures report (2018), there were almost 600 positive tests for diuretics and other masking agents, of those the most common was furosemide — 172 out of 589 positive tests, or 29 per cent of the total..
  • Doping scandal tests Swimming Australia’s resolve Australian swimmers have been cheered on for pointing the finger at drug cheats this week..
  • Unintentional doping was first recognised as a legitimate problem in 2000, meaning just because you test positive, does not mean you are a cheat..
  • The Swiss Anti-Doping Lab and the Swiss Federal Office of Sports conducted one of the first studies into the issue….

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