Vitamin D fails to reduce statin-associated muscle pain

Vitamin D fails to reduce statin-associated muscle pain

Sumary of Vitamin D fails to reduce statin-associated muscle pain:

  • Although non-randomized studies have reported vitamin D to be an effective treatment for statin-associated muscle symptoms, the new study, which is the first randomized clinical trial to look at the effect of vitamin D on statin-associated muscle symptoms, was large enough to rule out any important benefits.
  • Randomized clinical trials are important because many very good ideas dont work as well as we had hoped when they are put to the experiment, Hlatky said.
  • The 2,083 patients were among the larger cohort of participants in the VITamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL), which randomized nearly 26,000 participants to double-blind vitamin D supplementation to determine whether it would prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • In the randomized, double-blind trial, 2,083 participants ingested either 2,000 units of vitamin D supplements daily or a placebo.
  • The concept for this sub study arose out of conversations between study co-author Dr Pedro Gonzalez, then a resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Dr Stone, who runs a large lipid clinic at Northwestern.
  • We took benefit of a large placebo-controlled randomized trial to experiment whether vitamin D would reduce statin-associated muscle symptoms and help patients keep taking their statins, said lead study author Dr Mark Hlatky, a professor of health policy and cardiovascular medicine at Stanford.

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