Australia’s state by state coronavirus lockdown rules and restrictions explained


Sumary of Australia’s state by state coronavirus lockdown rules and restrictions explained:

  • New South Wales – On Sunday 19 July, the government issued advice asking people not to host, or go to, a gathering of more than 10 people at home..
  • Queensland – There are no longer any restricted local government areas meaning one set of gathering rules apply across the whole state..
  • The Public Health Act says organisers must ensure that venues do not exceed the four square metre per person rule, up to a limit of 500 participants (which includes players, officials and spectators)..
  • Queensland – Across Queensland public gatherings are restricted to a maximum of 30 people, these limits do not apply to businesses operating with a Covid-safe plan..
  • ACT – Up to 100 people can gather together outdoors or in public indoor areas as long as there is at least four square metres of space per person..
  • New South Wales – Yes, but group bookings are limited to 30 people, with venues observing the four square metre per person rule up to a cap of 300 people per separate area at any one time..
  • Venues with a floor space less than 200 square metres can have a maximum of 50 people, not exceeding a limit of one person for every two square metres..
  • Western Australia – Cafes and restaurants (including in pubs, bars, hotels, casinos, clubs) can open to up to seated diners, with one person per every two square metres..
  • South Australia – Restaurants, cafes, pubs, food courts, nightclubs and casinos can open, as well as standing hospitality venues..
  • ACT – Restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues offering seated dining can host up to 100 patrons in each indoor or outdoor space, as long as there is one person per four square metres..
  • Hotspot regions include all of Victoria and specific venues where outbreaks have been recorded in other states..
  • Private wedding services performed in public areas or private homes can have a maximum of 30 people attend including the bride, groom, wedding party and marriage celebrant if there is no Covidsafe plan..
  • New South Wales – The number of people in a public place of worship must not exceed 300, and the four square metre physical distancing rule must be observed, even if men and women are in seperate areas….

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