COVID-19 And Diwali: Healthy Gift Options This Pandemic

covid 19 and diwali healthy gift options this pandemic

Sumary of COVID-19 And Diwali: Healthy Gift Options This Pandemic:

  • Immune-boosting herbal tea packs The COVID-19 situation demands an urgent need for effective therapeutics including traditional medicines and herbal plants to slow down or prevent the spread of the virus..
  • Immune-boosting herbal teas are best when it comes to improving the immunity, which is vital during the pandemic..
  • Shower love and care to your dear ones and gift them a pack of immune-boosting herbal tea packs such as Ceylon tea, green tea, oolong tea, tulsi tea, black tea and cinnamon tea..
  • Yoga helps improve immunity and respiratory functions and is an effective add-on strategy in managing communicable diseases….

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