Disabled veterans still struggling amid coronavirus as Remembrance Day nears

disabled veterans still struggling amid coronavirus as remembrance day nears

Sumary of Disabled veterans still struggling amid coronavirus as Remembrance Day nears:

  • Yet there is growing concern about another group of Canadians who have served in uniform, as veterans’ organizations warn about the financial, emotional and physical toll that COVID-19 is having on those suffering from service-related injuries..
  • Fewer veterans have applied for disability during COVID-19, sparking accessibility concerns “The only thing that certain in COVID is uncertainty,”.
  • says Oliver Thorne, executive director of the Vancouver-based Veterans Transition Network, which works with former service members struggling with psychological trauma..
  • So that what we’re seeing with many veterans, is that uncertainty caused by COVID, whether it financial, whether it to do with their health, their employment, it really having a negative impact.”.
  • Worries about disabled Canadian veterans first emerged in the spring as the country went into lockdown due to the pandemic..
  • 2:02 99-year-old WWII Newmarket veteran hits 100-kilometre walking milestone for COVID-19 research 99-year-old WWII Newmarket veteran hits 100-kilometre walking milestone for COVID-19 research – Sep 2, 2020 The concerns run the gamut from disabled veterans’ not being able to get the physiotherapy or rehabilitation they need for physical injuries to former service members with post-traumatic stress disorder falling through the cracks without in-person therapy and support..
  • Many veterans are also having a hard time applying for federal support because they can’t see doctors, while those who have applied are waiting longer and longer to find out if they qualify for assistance as the government struggles to deal with a backlog of claims..
  • The pandemic has also taken a toll on the finances of veterans’ organizations such as the Royal Canadian Legion, which is having to close branches across the country as it waits for federal assistance..
  • For years, such veterans have been told not to isolate themselves but instead get out of their homes and connect with different support programs..
  • Feds expand COVID-19 disability grant to include more groups – Jul 17, 2020 “We see the issue of isolation a lot in the veterans’ community,”.
  • Yet veterans, like all Canadians, are now being told to limit their contacts with anyone outside their immediate households..
  • bans all social gatherings, indoor group physical activities in Lower Mainland amid surging COVID cases “We have a network of 25 psychologists and counsellors across Canada who deliver our programs,”.
  • Veterans Affairs Canada, the Legion and others say they have been actively reaching out to veterans who may be at particularly high risk..
  • The Veterans Transition Network has also adapted its in-person programming so former service members can access it in their homes..
  • Frustrated Canadian veterans call for auto approval of disability claims during COVID-19 “But the reality is no, we can’t deliver everything we want to because of this virus..
  • says Forbes, who is also chair of the National Council of Veterans Associations, which represents more than 60 veterans organizations in Canada..
  • And we had a phone call the other day, (a veteran) couldn’t get his prosthetic limb repaired because the prosthetists aren’t available.”.
  • Those challenges seeing doctors are also being blamed for a sharp decline in the number of veterans applying for federal support during the pandemic….

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