Do spoilers harm movie box-office revenue?

do spoilers harm movie box office revenue

Sumary of Do spoilers harm movie box-office revenue?:

  • Researchers from Western University and University of Houston published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines whether spoiler movie reviews harm box office revenue..
  • Their concern is that if publications or moviegoers reveal plotlines and surprises, the public won’t want to pay for the movie..
  • To examine this question, the research team examined daily box office revenues for movies released between January 2013 and December 2017 in the United States..
  • These movies were then matched with their respective reviews collected from Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the most popular movie review platform in the United States..
  • The researchers also developed a measurement of spoiler intensity, or the degree of plot uncertainty resolved by reading spoilers in movie reviews..
  • The study results indicate that spoiler intensity has a positive and significant relationship with box office revenue..
  • If potential moviegoers are unsure about the quality of a movie, they are likely to benefit from the plot-related content of spoiler reviews when making their purchase decisions.”.
  • Consistent with this, the research reveals an inverted-U relationship between average ratings and spoiler intensity, which suggests that the positive spoiling effect is stronger for movies that receive moderate or mixed ratings compared to movies that receive either very high or very low ratings..
  • Advertising can serve an informative function for consumers and is seen as a credible signal of quality in the movie industry….

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