How We Pulled Off a (Small) Wedding During the Pandemic

how we pulled off a small wedding during the pandemic

Sumary of How We Pulled Off a (Small) Wedding During the Pandemic:

  • Two years ago, when we started planning our spring 2020 wedding, my biggest fear was bad weather, not a global pandemic..
  • We imagined a traditional wedding weekend complete with a rehearsal party, elegant ceremony, and large reception..
  • When the reality of COVID-19 set in around the country in March, we knew our April 25 wedding wouldn’t happen..
  • The venue and vendors agreed to postpone to the fall — we’d have to wait a little longer, but we’d still get our dream wedding..
  • We wanted to take control of our lives and future, even if it meant our wedding day was nothing like what we thought it’d be..
  • This was our third attempt at making our wedding happen during this chaos, so there was a constant feeling of uncertainty, wondering if the rug would get pulled out from underneath us again..
  • It also didn’t hurt that they were offering a special package — aptly named “We’re All in This Together”…

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