Some Hawaii public schools shift gears for students foiled by online learning

some hawaii public schools shift gears for students foiled by online learning

Sumary of Some Hawaii public schools shift gears for students foiled by online learning:

  • At Waialua High &Intermediate School, administrators noticed as early as September that the seventh graders were floundering in distance learning — and they took quick action..
  • “Poor things, they are not used to having eight teachers and eight periods, coming out of the elementary school,”.
  • At public schools across the state, principals have found that distance learning just didn’t work for some students during the first quarter — for a whole range of reasons..
  • The Honolulu Star-Advertiser asked the Department of Education for statewide figures on how many students flunked a course or took an incomplete, but was told that data is still being verified with complex areas and schools..
  • Interviews with high school principals suggest it could be a significant chunk of the population — with most saying at least 20% of their students had trouble with distance learning..
  • School staff have been contacting those students to figure out how to remedy problems, going door to door in some cases to track them down..
  • Many schools have invited students to attend learning hubs that provide internet connectivity and some supervision..
  • That is in addition to the students such as those in special education or English learners who already were given priority for in-person instruction..
  • At Keaau, close to 50 students are now coming to the hub each day, almost double last quarter but still just 5% of the student population..
  • Teachers are also starting to call back students in small groups for instruction in hands-on courses such as automotive, agriculture, construction and PE, Cevallos said..
  • In Windward Oahu, Principal Bernie Tyrell at Castle High said between 20% and 30% of students had at least one F in a course in the first quarter..
  • Because the school tracks student progress week to week, her staff started reaching out to students right away to find out what was going wrong..
  • “I have had some of our top students kind of bottom out because they don’t have the peer interaction, the social emotional connection, the personalization that really helps them thrive when they are face-to-face,”.
  • The Kaneohe school changed its schedule for the second quarter to better engage students, giving them more time with their teachers and with their peers in small groups as they had requested — even if it is still mostly online..
  • Rather than having entire days for independent learning, students have four classes with their teachers every day..
  • Teachers can break up the 80-minute blocks into shorter sessions for flexible approaches suited to different students, including breakout groups….

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