Underinsured Transgender People Are Turning To Riskier Sources For Hormones

underinsured transgender people are turning to riskier sources for hormones

Sumary of Underinsured Transgender People Are Turning To Riskier Sources For Hormones:

  • Getty Almost 10% of transgender people are getting their hormones for gender-affirming hormone therapy from unregulated sources, according to a new study..
  • The study published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine found that underinsured transgender people who lacked access to gender-affirming hormone therapy were more likely to find hormones from sources other than licensed health care providers..
  • Recommended For You “Transgender and nonbinary people face major barriers to insurance coverage for their needed care, with many people still lacking or being denied coverage for gender-affirming care,”.
  • The study also noted that among insured respondents more than one in five reported that their claims for gender-affirming hormones were denied..
  • The study used national data from 27, 715 transgender adults and found that the majority of respondents were interested in using hormones, but only 55 % were actually using them..
  • Of those, 9% of people who responded to the survey said they accessed hormones from non-licensed sources such as friends or online..
  • Also according to the study, nonprescription hormone use was more common for trans people who were assigned male at birth..
  • According to a study from the Williams Institute, within the transgender population, 81% of adults have experienced suicidal ideation, and almost half have attempted suicide, which is in part due to the lack of access to gender-affirming care..
  • On the other hand, research has found that gender-affirming care helps improve the moods and outlooks of transgender individuals..
  • medical societies and associations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, have issued statements in support of insurance coverage for gender-affirming care significant barriers to accessing these health services still exist…

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