After the Texas abortion ban, people are preparing for a mail-order abortion future

after the texas abortion ban people are preparing for a mail order abortion future

Sumary of After the Texas abortion ban, people are preparing for a mail-order abortion future:

  • From Ireland to Argentina to Mexico, grassroots activists forged online networks where people can order abortion pills and have the procedure at home without having to step foot in a clinic.
  • After the recent passing of SB 8 in Texas — the most restrictive abortion law in the US to date — abortion experts and advocacy organizations are preparing for a future where abortions are sought online.
  • This past April, the Food and Drug Administration began allowing the mail distribution of mifepristone — a medication taken along with misoprostol to induce an abortion up to 11 weeks.
  • A big player in this shift in US abortion is Plan C, a website that helps direct people to abortion pills online.
  • It’s not just pregnant people buying the pillsSome people are even ordering pills before they’re pregnant — a process called advance provision — in case they one day find themselves carrying an unwanted pregnancy while living in an area with little to no access to an abortion clinic.
  • For years, some experts have advocated for advance provision to become common practice, to prepare for the possible overturning of Roe v.
  • One woman in Texas, who asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, recently ordered pills through the website Aid Access in case her IUD ever fails to prevent a pregnancy.
  • She learned about the option to purchase pills online through “Vessel,” a documentary about the doctor who runs Aid Access, as well as through the r/abortion subreddit.

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