Japan to implement defense reforms

Sumary of Japan to implement defense reforms:

  • In its largest defense shake-up in decades, Japan is expected to up security spending to two percent of GDP by 2027, reshape its armed forces command, and acquire new missiles that can strike far-flung foe launch sites.
  • TOKYO: Japans government is poised to approve a major defense policy overhaul Friday, including a significant spending hike, as it warns China poses the greatest strategic challenge ever to the countrys security.
  • Still, in a nod to the sensitivity of the issue, the documents are likely to rule out preemptive strikes, and insist Japan is committed to an exclusively defense-oriented policy.
  • That has shifted with the continued growth of Chinese armed forces might and a record volley of North Korean missile launches in recent months, including over Japanese arena.
  • The moves will be outlined in three defense and security documents the cabinet is set to approve later Friday.
  • Japan to implement defense reforms Read this in The Manila Times digital edition.

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