Sex differences and women’s representation in clinical trials

sex differences and womens representation in clinical trials

Sumary of Sex differences and women’s representation in clinical trials:

  • © iStock/alvarez Professors Irving Zucker and Brian J Prendergast tell us about the impacts on women of sex biases in clinical drug trials..
  • In their new study, ‘Sex differences in pharmacokinetics predict adverse drug reactions in women’, published in the Biology of sex differences journal in June, University of California, Berkeley Professor Irving Zucker and University of Chicago Professor Brian J Prendergast examined the frequency of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) experienced by women in comparison to men..
  • “Women experience adverse drug reactions nearly twice as often as men, yet the role of sex as a biological factor in the generation of ADRs is poorly understood..
  • HEQ speaks to Professors Zucker and Prendergast about female representation in drug trials and the disproportionate impact on women of failing to account for sex differences in clinical data..
  • The exclusion of women of childbearing potential from clinical drug trials was influenced by adverse effects of drugs on pregnant women (for example, thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol produced birth defects and increased cancer risks, respectively)….

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